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    Sophisticated 'in-house' development capability.

    Proven successful delivery of large complex projects

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    Sophisticated 'in-house' development capability.

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Development Services

SAGlobal has been delivering large complex projects with significant integration requirements, encompassing both ERP and CRM, for customers such as: The co-operative, Logicalis and South East Water. Along with our Microsoft Dynamics expertise, the critical component of our success has been our sophisticated 'in-house' development capability which is unusual amongst Dynamics partners. This serves as a competitive advantage for us; our developers are quite familiar with Dynamics product lines, relevant technologies and they have a good relationship with our application consultants. This dramatically improves communication efficiency and assists understanding of customer requirements.

SAGlobal’s expert team of .Net software engineers is based in Belgrade, Serbia. We have been fortunate to have attracted some of the best IT graduates from Belgrade University's highly regarded IT faculty.

Customers requiring complex solution or integration should consider the following SAGlobal features:

MS Dynamics 365 features Talent pool of experienced and expert team of development engineers
MS Dynamics 365 features Employed directly by SAGlobal - NOT Outsourced
MS Dynamics 365 features Skill focus
         Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365
         Microsoft C#
         Microsoft Silverlight
         Microsoft SQL Server
         Web Services
MS Dynamics 365 features Proven successful delivery of large complex projects
MS Dynamics 365 features Ability to combine ERP and CRM and Exchange
MS Dynamics 365 features Significant Cost Advantage compared to UK based developers
MS Dynamics 365 features Excellent relationship with UK based Customer facing consultants
MS Dynamics 365 features UK based Project Managers
MS Dynamics 365 features Backed by Microsoft Premier Support

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Microsoft Development Tools

One of the most important factors underpinning Microsoft's success has always been their fostering of the development community.

Microsoft has consistently been successful in achieving critical mass and momentum behind its tools due to a combination of:

Powerful capability
Ease of use
Value for money MSDN subscriptions
Excellent education resources


Comprehensive support
Huge partner ecosystem
Incorporation of latest standards

With each category and generation, Microsoft has been by far the most successful tools vendor, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, ASP, and now C# (Visual Studio .Net). The latter is more successful than Java as a tool for generating the latest generation of applications.

This brings huge benefits to the end users, including:

Development resources easy to obtain at reasonable cost
Huge availability of functionality
Integration between components developed by different developer is much easier if developed with the same toolset.
Huge community - using tools drives adoption of standards such as COM+, ADO.Net, Web Services, etc.
Custom unique capability can be added to applications such as Dynamics quickly, cheaply and easily

Dynamics Development

Both Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM take full advantage of the Microsoft technology stack and are compliant with latest integration standards, such as Web Services. The software can be extended and enhanced using Microsoft's most powerful development toolset: Visual Studio .Net.

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SAGlobal Dynamics Plus Series

Microsoft Dynamics GP Enhancements

As a result of our extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP, working at the ‘sharp end’ and getting to understand end-users' specific needs, SAGlobal has developed the following GP modules. These modules have added significant value to the GP systems our clients and clients of other Microsoft partners have invested in.

These GP enhancement modules are designed to save you time, improve your productivity and enhance your decision-making capabilities. SAGlobal products are very competitively priced. We also incentivise other GP resellers to sell on our products by offering attractive margins and a great support service.

We offer FREE 30-45 day, no obligation trials of our add-on products - available to both Dynamics GP Resellers and GP End-Users.

Advanced General Ledger


Advanced General Ledger is Dynamics GP enhancement module that allows you to rapidly create and then easily maintain multi-segmented Charts of Account, which with the standard GP General Ledger system - boasting up to 10 segments and 66 alphanumeric characters - can be very onerous and time-consuming. More about Advanced General Ledger.
Advanced SOP / GL Defaulter


Advanced SOP GL Defaulter takes maximum advantage of the segment based structure of Dynamics GP. By automating the coding of sales, cost of sales and inventory accounts, productivity is increased and the burden of manual coding reduced for sales entry staff. More about Advanced SOP / GL Defaulter.
Advanced Batch & Document Management

Advanced Batch & Document Management

Advanced Batch & Document Management
SAGlobal Email Remittance


SAGlobal’s Email Remittance module is a powerful, yet very easy to use Dynamics GP plug-in tool designed to give accounting staff a fast and efficient method of delivering and storing remittance advices. working at the ‘sharp end’ and getting to really understand end-users' specific needs, we have developed the following modules. More about Email Remittance
Advanced Recurring Billing

Advanced Recurring Billing

SAGlobal has developed Advanced Recurring Billing (ARB) module to automate the billing of recurring, subscription and membership-type contracts within Dynamics GP. Also, Advanced Recurring Billing handles any ‘one-off’ or ad-hoc billing that might be a part of the contract, such as set-up fees. More about Advanced Recurring Billing.
Advanced Security Monitor

Advanced Security Monitor

Advanced GP Security Monitor/Reporter is a new program written in C# .Net to monitor and analyse security within the Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) system. The module achieves this by tracking security changes, comparing security settings and sending e-mail alerts detailing the changes. Comparing settings can be made by using Options, setting up Filters, and choosing Criteria. More about Advanced Security Monitor.
Advanced eProcurement

Advanced eProcurement

Most Procurement solutions are based upon rigid sequential style workflow architecture. SAGlobal’s Advanced eProcurement uses a more powerful and much more flexible State Machine Architecture. Despite being more powerful, it is also much easier for administrators (no IT knowledge required) to design workflows, which model business processes and policies, in an elegant flexible and natural manner. More about Advanced eProcurement.
Advanced Time and Expense Management

Advanced Time and Expense Management

Developed in Microsoft Silverlight Advanced Time and Expense is a fully integrated web-based application. It is attractive, easy and convenient to use. Advanced Time and Expense Management is role based with powerful workflow capabilities, allowing organisations to define and automate fully auditable approval processes. The advanced workflow and security features captures, authorises checks and accounts for employee or contractor time and expense data. Data is posted to Dynamics GP or AX Projects or directly to the GL. More about Advanced Time and Expense Management.

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