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DynamicsPlus Advanced Recurring Billing

SAGlobal has developed SAGlobal Advanced Recurring Billing (ARB) module to automate the billing of any items (typically services) which need to be billed on a regular basis.

Advanced Recurring Billing improves on standard Sales Order Processing (SOP) functionality particularly with regard to period based billing based pricing.

ARB assists with the management of processes involved with setting up contracts, features an approvals system for document well as an option for ad-hoc billing for contract set-up fees.

SAGlobal Advanced Recurring Billing has been developed using Dexterity and it seamlessly integrates with other Dynamics GP modules, particularly standard SOP functionality particularly with regard to period based billing and period based pricing and Inventory.

As well as automating all billing performed on a repeating basis, it is envisaged that this module is able to handle any ‘one-off’ or ad-hoc billing, that may be part of a contract, such as set-up fees. We therefore propose that it is used instead of the standard Sales Order Processing Invoice Entry Screen for such billing.

Advanced Recurring Billing module keeps track of all changes and retains historical data for all details of invoices generated for dates and periods associated, thus overcoming the problem with the standard Great Plains SOP tables which do not hold periodic data (they only hold the invoice date - not period of charge).

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