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DynamicsPlus Advanced eProcurement

SAGlobal Advanced eProcurement is a powerful elegant intuitive Spend Control solution which enhances Microsoft Dynamics.

SAGlobal Advanced eProcurement is a part of SAGlobal’s DynamicsPlus.Net application series, which adds important capabilities to Dynamics ERP, written from the ground up to leverage Microsoft’s excellent Silverlight RIA (Rich Internet Applications) Platform.

Most Procurement solutions are based upon rigid sequential style workflow architecture.

SAGlobal’s Advanced eProcurement uses a more powerful and much more flexible State Machine Architecture. Despite being more powerful, it is also much easier for administrators (no IT knowledge required) to design workflows, which model business processes and policies, in an elegant flexible and natural manner.

In our experience - previous generation systems – did not achieve the desired level of control, since the workflows were so difficult to setup and maintain, therefore in practice only very simple ones were used, or because they were not relevant to their scenarios, users simply bypassed the workflows. Also our philosophy is that - for efficient effective spend control to succeed – everyone in the organisation must be a user, otherwise the workflows are easily bypassed or manual process have to be maintained - which kind of defeats the whole object, in our opinion.

In order to enable this – our system is very easy to use, for all types of users following minimal training, also it is sensibly priced, so that most organisations can easily afford, for all users to be licensed and reap a fast return on investment.

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