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Advanced General Ledger

What is Advanced General Ledger?

Advanced General Ledger (AGL) is the product of many years experience working "at the sharp-end" with users of Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains).

Whilst Microsoft Dynamics GP features the ability to create a chart of accounts up to 10 segments in length, in practice, this requires many hours of manipulation of data in Excel and manual imports into the system. In addition, this process typically needs to be repeated in turn for each company created. The end result is often a large Chart of Accounts with many redundant codes including irrelevant segment combinations presenting a huge burden for operators to code transactions using the standard windows of Dynamics GP.

For this reason, many companies resort to using fewer segments to reduce the size of the Chart of Accounts and are therefore under-utilising the true power of the system.

Advanced General Ledger is Microsoft Dynamics GP enhancement module that allows you to rapidly create and then easily maintain multi-segmented Charts of Account, which with the standard GP General Ledger system - boasting up to 10 segments and 66 alphanumeric characters - can be very onerous and time-consuming.

Users can easily and accurately code transactions even for large charts, containing many segments and millions of codes. Applying rule sets of relevant segment combinations also makes for more consistent reporting whether by Product, Customer, Cost Centre, Project, Employee, Location or any other dimension.

Solution Highlights

Advanced General Ledger (AGL) was developed to fully utilise the segment base structure of Microsoft Dynamics GP and complement the segment based reporting capabilities of Management Reporter and Frx.

AGL provides the tool you need to create, manage and operate a large Chart of Accounts easily and effectively:

    • Dexterity based application - Enables full system integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The results of full system integration are an unaffected standard GP data tables, forms and reports ( without losing existing data or history)
    • Quick to implement and easy to adopt - look-up of complex multi-segment codes using ID and description look-up fields for new or existing Dynamics GP users.
    • Also available on a latest version of Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
    • Ability to preview new Chart of Account ranges before committing to Dynamics GP
    • Flexibility to import segments from an Excel template - Users can import segments from an existing template and also export existing segment value for easy updating of values.
    • Segment (cost centre) ID and description look-up fields - look-up complex multi-segment codes.
    • Rapidly lookup GL codes by segment values with mid-string search capabilities
    • Approval process based on user ID for account creation
    • A multi-segmented Chart of Accounts in minutes based on logical segment combinations.
    • "Rules" for logical segment combinations to preserve the integrity of your CoA
    • Delete or inactivate GL codes - en-masse based upon "Rules"
    • A master Chart of Accounts to control GL Codes across all companies (perfect for a group of companies). You can also copy charts of accounts between companies
    • New cost centres or divisions in seconds
    • A Master Company Chart of Accounts for streamline reporting across multiple GP companies
    • Budget Amounts can be entered against individual segments - a new way of analysing data within GP where Budget vs. Actuals analysis can be completed at GL segment level
    • Segment Attributes – allows additional information to be tracked against individual segments
    • Powerful rules and templates can be defined based on segment range combinations to create logical groups of accounts
    • Predefined – truncated account description length allows you to easily view the whole account description
    • User-defined fields to be stored at segment level
    • Consistency of segment descriptions and full GL code descriptions
    • Security Set-up to enforce security at a user, group or intercompany level. If additional approval is enabled, approval can be used for account creation.

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