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    “The business relationship with SAGlobal is about as good as it gets.
    SAGlobal was extremely thorough with what was a highly complex
    implementation that has transformed our capacity to expand
    our business and accept new channel partners.”

    Simon Wiseman, Project Manager, The Co-operative Life Planning

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce

Over 40,000 companies have selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM over Salesforce for the following reasons:

Deployment Models:

Salesforce only offers CRM in the Cloud, hosted by Salesforce.com, whereas Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to choose between an On-Premise solution, partner-hosted, CRM Online (hosted by Microsoft), shared or dedicated servers, and hybrids - and you can switch models whenever you need to.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Salesforce.com does not offer a service level agreement. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers a financially backed, 99.9% uptime SLA for all customers, at no additional cost. Microsoft has consistently delivered an extremely high rate of uptime since the service was launched in April 2008.

Order and Invoice Tracking:

For all organisations, the customer lifecycle is inextricably linked to other functions across a business, most notably the processes of taking orders and invoicing customers.

Salesforce.com customers who need order and invoice tracking have to build objects and processes themselves, taking time and money.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online automates the Quote to Invoice business process and helps reduce clerical errors by sharing product, discount, shipping, taxes, and contract terms with other systems (e.g. ERP). Dynamics CRM Online made it possible to improve visibility of important information across the business, in turn helping drive sales productivity and improving customer service excellence.

Offline Solution:

Salesforce allows users to access some CRM data through an offline client with certain editions - for a premium price.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can access offline data through Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook users can keep an entire copy of their CRM information locally on their computer, allowing them to be productive when they're working without internet connectivity.

User Adoption that leads to ROI:

Salesforce offers a Microsoft Outlook add-on that behaves as a simple synching engine on some, but not all, CRM information. As a result, Salesforce forces redundant activities (e.g. copy, paste) on users, increasing probability of errors and negating productivity gains that could otherwise be accomplished.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online increases user adoption by making it easier to use, as it naturally integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Excel and SharePoint.

The integration with Microsoft Outlook increases user adoption, enables data leverage, provides improved reporting and analytics, allowing companies to quickly capture value from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deployments.

Content Access:

Salesforce offers a content library within its CRM solution, but only users that have Salesforce licenses can access its files. Additionally, Salesforce.com charges approximately two times the extra storage fees compared to Dynamics CRM Online, making an external file repository, like Microsoft SharePoint, a necessity for many customers. And to make things more challenging, Salesforce does not have SharePoint integration out of the box.

Dynamics CRM Online provides license holders with 5GB of storage (as opposed to the 1GB that Salesforce.com offers), allowing businesses to store much more content directly within the product. IT also offers robust SharePoint integration, giving businesses a fast and simple way to utilise their existing investment in SharePoint.

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Customer Speak

  • Logicalis UK“The project as a whole was delivered on time and under aggressive timeframes – SAGlobal pulled it out of the bag, they did not disappoint.”

    Natasha Towns
    Business Applications Manager
    Logicalis UK
  • The Co-operative Life Planning“The business relationship with SAGlobal is about as good as it gets. SAGlobal was extremely thorough with what was a highly complex implementation that has transformed our capacity to expand our business and accept new channel partners.”

    Simon Wiseman
    Project Manager
    The Co-operative Life Planning
  • The Co-operative Life Planning“The fact that SAGlobal came recommended by another College, SAGlobal were a breath of fresh air! They weren't selling an out of the box solution – they took the time to understand our drivers for change and key requirements from a new solution. The fact that they came recommended by another College, were local and able to demonstrate proven success in implementing Dynamics CRM.”

    Owen Mathias
    Employer Engagement Manager
    Barry College

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