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As a result of numerous mergers and acquisitions and increased competition through industry globalisation life sciences is experiencing a period of major change. With the added challenges of stringent manufacturing processes, rapid advances in science and technology and ever changing environmental laws and regulations, companies operating in this sector are under pressure to accelerating growth and reduce time-to-market while continuing to produce high quality product.

Internal efficiency and effective business procedures have become vital to future success and competitive advantage. Microsoft Dynamics AX, a fully integrated state of the art business solution provides a robust flexible platform to continually improve business performance. Along with industry specific functionality provided by YAVEON ProLife for Life Sciences and Process industries, you can benefit from an integrated business application that is expanded with your branch-specific functions, as well as from global support and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from the very beginning. YAVEON ProLife combines a tested and internationally proven business management platform with high-performance and important functions for the process and life sciences industries.

YAVEON ProLife for Life Sciences and Process Industries

YAVEON ProLife helps you model, represent and assess multi-faceted processes: even in complex production processes and supply chains. You can increase profitability in your production, lower costs in your supply chain and improve your quality and batch back-tracking as well as assess all process costs that arise. YAVEON provides you high-performance tools to automate your business process, lower your costs and increase your profitability. By exploiting the integrated flexibility and scalability in the software, you can respond directly to changes in the requirements you encounter when you enter into a new market.

SAGlobal's consulting services on industry relevant key-figure systems, best practices processes and sustainable change and improvement management, allow you to immediately start leveraging the potential you redefine when you introduce YAVEON ProLife. With the capabilities of a high-performing business management tool, you will be able to offer competitive prices, expand your market share and increase your profitability

  • Manage raw materials, resources and articles with multi-dimensional features and structures
  • Optimized manufacturing with expanded sequence planning for production
  • Substance management with compensation accounting and purchase costing
  • Improve communication and networking internally as well as with your customers and trading partners
  • Work with simplified and simultaneously more flexible packaging variations
  • Comprehensive transparency of your work and costs
  • Industry-specific quality management system

We recognise the need for systems that allow materials to be tightly regulated from initial receipt, through production and shipment to customers. Our clients include vaccine, biological, nutraceuticals and nutritional manufacturing, packaging and distribution companies.

Key Industry-specific features supported by YAVEON ProLife

  • Batch management and logistics
  • Data security and digital signatures
  • Production with manufacturing specifications
  • Research and development
  • Quality management and supplier evaluation
  • Logistics and container management
  • Connectivity for scales, hazardous substance systems and scanners
  • Costing and Accounting

Dynamics AX-based ERP solutions for the Nutraceuticals industry

Consulting and ERP systems for validated procedures

Consulting and ERP systems for validated procedures

Only in the nutraceuticals industry products are connected directly with the physical well-being and our health as the medicines, nutraceuticals products and medicinal products. Legislator and public authority therefore set up comprehensive regulations for the production and distribution of these products, which focus more and more on the integration of the ERP systems into the business processes. Meeting the physical requirements and legal regulations while keeping an eye on the own profit and competitiveness is one of the key challenges every nutraceuticals company faces. Meeting these conditions requires too, that the companies trust slim and norm conform methods and remain agile. ERP systems as well as the entire IT-Governance therefore move in the focus of management. For value creation is also strongly influenced by an innovative and flexible IT-Management.
A comprehensive solution for the entire value creation chain

A comprehensive solution for the entire value creation chain

On the basis of our unique industry expertise, we have developed a solution for the high-end mid-sized businesses in the nutraceuticals industry, which includes all relevant business processes and goes for beyond the functional scope of traditional ERP systems. YAVEON ProLife supports nutraceuticals manufacturers (active ingredients, intermediates as well as consumer packaged) throughout the whole value chain, including logistics and wholesaling. Cold chains and customer-specific delivery requirements, for example, can be considered and controlled at every stage of the supply chain, from order to delivery. Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP product suite and YAVEON ProLife, all areas of the business are included within corporate planning and the individual manufacturing, warehousing and order fulfilment processes initiated, regulated and monitored. By tracking items from cradle to grave, your company can implement effective procedures with complete forward and backward traceability of any material.
Process-oriented ERP deployment

Process-oriented ERP deployment

Business processes are the starting point for the deployment of YAVEON ProLife. Only then can the implementation of the processes be validated in the ERP system. We simultaneously supply all the preconfigured SOP (standard operating procedures) and test case documentation for the risk-prone processes identified as requiring validation, as well as the existing technical and functional documentation. This must then simply be adapted to the company's specific needs, which significantly reduces the implementation time.
Nutraceuticals ERP in accordance with GAMP 5

Nutraceuticals ERP in accordance with GAMP 5

We develop and implement ERP systems according to the GAMP 5 recommendations publishes by the ISPE, which are certified for use in a validated environment. In addition to the actual software, we also supply SOP documentation and templates, so that the validation effort can be kept to a minimum when introducing a new ERP system in the nutraceuticals industry. A proven and established deployment method advances both the immediate project and subsequent commercial success.
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