• Multi-Country IT Distribution Company Eliminates Manual HR Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and Finance & Operations

    Multi-Country IT Distribution Company Eliminates Manual
    HR Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and Finance & Operations

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    Multi-Country IT Distribution Company Eliminates Manual HR Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and Finance & Operations

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Multi-Country IT Distribution Company Eliminates Manual HR Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and Finance & Operations

About the Client

The client is an industry leading IT distributor, with practice areas including Advanced Networking, Cyber Security, Applications Optimisation, Systems Infrastructure and Unified Communication. Born out of a series of mergers, the client brings a 600-strong, specialised headcount to the IT supply market, with 20 regional offices across EMEA.

The client is committed to providing best-in-class technologies and products to partners, which are designed to accelerate business growth and enable the utmost level of customer success. The client's team is made up of experts who have a deep knowledge of their products, empowering them to deliver the highest quality and most befitting solutions to their partners, adapting to their individual needs.

The client is a challenger in their industry, rethinking the business model of IT distribution. As a company that harnesses the bleeding edge of technology, it comes with little surprise that they opted to join the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Early Adopter program. This, among many other things, marks the client as an organisation that not only believes delivering in innovation but can innovate themselves.

Business Needs

The client evaluated a range of solutions but chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for its rich functionality and Cloud deployment model. Their rollout programme was to include both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Talent.

The client presented a need to consolidate data across the newly unified businesses and set a standard for both front and back office processes. The client rapidly shifted from a small to medium-sized company, to a corporate organisation through the mergers. Prior to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, the client's HR team managed processes in Excel, and reporting was difficult. HR suffered from out of date information and a lack of consistency across business units.

The client needed an integrated solution, which worked with their payroll provider as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The solution also had to be secure for the management of employee data, provide visibility of the organisation across Finance and HR, keep information in one place, rather than dispersed across systems and spreadsheets, and be able to scale with their growing organisation.

The client also needed state-of-the-art systems, driving business innovation and transforming the way they serviced their customers. These systems had to span their whole enterprise and provide a platform to support their plans for rapid growth. Building on their success across EMEA, the client wanted to build a platform that could be easily deployed across new geographies or implemented by new acquisitions.


Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations was selected for its ability to manage intercompany trading. With the new platform, the client's evergrowing network of sales offices can easily interact with their distribution hubs to ensure orders are processed and dispatched to the correct location within minimum lead times. By leveraging Finance and Operations Cloud architecture, if there is a need to open up a new geography they can rapidly deploy a sales team and spin up the necessary systems to support them.

Operating across many geographies it was essential that the new systems conformed to local fiscal and legislative requirements. By selecting Finance and Operations the client could be confident that they could meet reporting requirements in more than 29 countries worldwide.

The client took a phased approach to the implementation. Phase 1 was building a core system that could handle Finance, Purchasing, Sales and logistics. Included in this phase were several integrations that allowed data to be shared across the enterprise. Subsequent phases were focused on rolling the system out to different geographies. Starting with their regional distribution centres and sales offices in Poland, MEA and Nordic regions, the client could demonstrate that the system was robust before moving on to larger entities is Southern and Northern Europe.

Dynamics 365 for Talent

The client joined the Microsoft Early Adopter programme and partnered with SAGlobal for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

The client evaluated a range of solutions but chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent because it fit with their top priorities of data security, functionality and ease of use. A project manager on the HR transformation program stated, “Talent offered all the functionality we were looking for. Linking into Finance and Operations, it allows us to bring our employee data together. It's secure and it's all in one place.”

The client took a four-phased approach to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. They started by migrating all employee data spread across countries to the Talent platform. This was followed by the launch of the 'Attract' and 'Onboarding' modules. From here, the client implemented self-service and integrated Talent with their payroll provider.

Features & Benefits

Dynamics 365 for Talent

Reporting & Increased Visibility
By consolidating employee data across the countries, HR got a clear view of their headcount and how many countries they had against each function. The client was also able to easily draw on reports and streamline job titles. The client had a requirement for an advanced level of reporting based on the data held in Talent, which SAGlobal was able to provide through Power BI integrations and custom reports.

Prioritisation of Functionality
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent provided a template for the client's HR processes. Instead of having to customise the system to fit their structure, they were able to adapt their HR model through the platform. Supported by the phased approach, which enabled the client to prioritise what they needed from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, the client was able to implement rapidly and realise the benefits of the platform immediately.

The consistency of Onboarding Processes With the rapid growth of the client and the onboarding of new employees from acquired businesses, it was paramount for HR to be able to provide a consistent message about working at the company. Generic onboarding templates were made available in Talent for all the client's employees to use, as well as more specific onboarding guides for some countries, and according to the seniority of each employee.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Rapid Implementation, Instant Results
SAGlobal's agile approach to the implementation meant the client was able to quickly understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 could support their business and allow them to transform their processes. Our consultants worked in partnership with the client's project team; identifying industry best practice and providing key product knowledge. Additionally, SAGlobal were able to assist with the fiscal and localisation requirements of each geography.

Analytics to Support Key Decision Making
The programme included the rollout out of a BI platform focussed on providing staff with up to the minute analytics, allowing the client to react quickly to market needs and enabling them to make correct decisions. Data was extracted across multiple platforms into an intelligible workspace providing business leaders with the knowledge they needed to move the business forward.

Intercompany Support
The client provides products through a network of partners across different sales entities and distribution hubs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations offers rich intercompany capabilities allowing cross company sales and purchases to be automated. The client is able to take advantage of this functionality to streamline intercompany trading. Furthermore, the client can leverage their close partnerships with industry leading Vendors through Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations direct delivery model.


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