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DynamicsPlus Advanced General Ledger

SAGlobal Advanced General Ledger (AGL) is the product of many years’ experience working “at the sharp-end” with users of Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains).

AGL forms part of our Dynamics Plus suite of products designed to significantly enhance the standard operation of Dynamics GP. Whilst Dynamics GP features the ability to create a chart of accounts up to 10 segments in length, in practice, this requires many hours of manipulation of data in Excel and manual imports into the system. In addition, this process typically needs to be repeated in turn for each company created. The end result is often a large Chart of Accounts with many redundant codes including irrelevant segment combinations presenting a huge burden for operators to code transactions using the standard windows of Dynamics GP. For this reason, many companies resort to using fewer segments to reduce the size of the Chart of Accounts and are therefore under-utilizing the true power of the system. AGL was developed to fully utilize the segment based structure of Dynamics GP and compliment the segment based reporting capabilities of Management Reporter and Frx. In essence, AGL provides the tools you need to create manage and operate a large Chart of Accounts easily and effectively.

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