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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 simplifies licensing of business applications. The primary Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing is by the edition and named user subscription. Based on edition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 come with the choice of two types namely, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition. Similarly, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user subscriptions classify users into two types. One user type is a “Full Users" and the other is a “Team Members" (i.e. light user).

Full Users

Full users are the users whose work requires use of the feature rich business apps functionality. Examples of full users are sales people, customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers, supply chain managers, etc. These users have also been referred to in the past as Pro users or Power Users. In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 license model, full users are licensed with either a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan or Microsoft Dynamics 365 application subscription.

Application Based Licensing

Application Based Licensing

Complete functionality for individual apps integrated to Micorosft Dynamics 365. These apps include Dynamics 365 for sales, Dynamics 365 for marketing, Dynamics 365 for customer service, Dynamics 365 for project service automation, Dynamics 365 for Field service, Dynamics 365 for operations and financials. For instance, if a user requires only marketing functionality, they would be allowed to subscribe to the Marketing App only. Under this licensing users get ‘Full Access’.

Plan Based Licensing

Plan Based Licensing

Plans will provide additional value for users who would require to work on multiple apps. The Plans offered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverage the affability of PowerApps and Flow whereby individual processes may be pulled across multiple apps via Flows and as a result these will be able to extend over many more stages when compared to regular CRM processes. Under this license, user get ‘Full Access’. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plans provide tiered based pricing based on license number of licenses compared to app based licensing and CRM licensing that we have today.

Team Members (Light User)

Team member licensing provides light usage to read data across Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and enables users to share knowledge insights. It is primarily designed to be inclusive – to meet the requirements of employees who may not need full user access to any business app and thereby will have partial, restricted access to the apps. This edition gives a user the right to author, review, update and publish data, which is nothing but ‘Light Access’. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a self-service option to enable these users to perform these tasks themselves rather than relying on others and impacting productivity.

For Team Members, you can have a mix of user and/or device subscription licenses.

One light user can access multiple devices

One light user can access multiple devices

Multiple light user can have access to one device

Multiple light user can have access to one device

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing: Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing: Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition is optimized to meet the complex requirements of mid-sized and larger businesses, the Enterprise edition combines ERP and CRM capabilities from the former Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to offer a powerful, scalable cloud-based business platform to support even the most complex organizations.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Licensing Guide

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud. Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications to help manage specific business functions, including Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and Dynamics 365 for Operations. Designed to be personalized, enable greater productivity, deliver deeper insights and adapt to business needs, Dynamics 365 applications help businesses accelerate digital transformation to meet the changing needs of customers and capture the new business opportunities of tomorrow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing: Business Edition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing: Business Edition

Dynamics 365 Business edition is optimised to meet the needs of growing small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) with 10-250 employees. The Dynamics 365 Business edition combines features from Project Madiera (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to offer a cloud-based solution with Financials, Sales, and Marketing capabilities. Initially, you can avail only the Financial App and Team member pricing. A plan will be introduced once when the Sales and Marketing solutions become available. The Business edition is available as a cloud service only, and has a maximum user count of 300 seats.

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and enjoy the benefits of ERP+CRM at one price and the industry specific solution from SAGlobal.

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